George Sawyer is the founding Pastor of Calvary Assembly Decatur, Alabama. Calvary Assembly is a church known for evangelism, community impact and diversity. Calvary meets on four campuses and includes two outreach Dream Centers. These Dream Centers house both a men's and women's Christian Recovery Center as well as feeding ministries and adult education classes.

Pastor Sawyer serves as a Presbyter with the Assemblies of God and serves on several mission boards. Pastor Sawyer is the host and speaker on a weekly network television program, often appears on TBN and is a published author. Pastor Sawyer shared ministry in over 30 countries in Pastor's conferences and crusades.

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'The Daniel Prayer' book

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In this exciting series on marriage and family, George Sawyer teaches your family how to find a way to live that is not a "New Normal," but it is "God's Normal."
What's The New Normal?

of Calvary Assembly in Decatur, Alabama.

The Daniel Prayer for Parents draws the biblical account of Daniel and his fellow captives as they not only survived but also thrived in an environment that could not have been more antagonistic.  Daniel's secrets to success will teach parents how to pray for their children as they walk through the challenging developmental years of life.

The Resurrection of Authentic Manhood is a clear call to men to step out of the grave of dead manhood and walk into the lives God intends for them to live. It is an invitation for men to join the revolution of resurrected manhood. 

Robin Stienberg, National Critics Choice

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'The Resurrection Of Authentic Manhood' book

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George Sawyer is the founding pastor

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Pastor Sawyer is a revolutionary communicator who inspires passion and excellence by effectively applying the Word of God to everyday life.

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